DATx Launches BitDATx with Technical Support from Huobi Cloud

DATx announces the launch of the BitDATx, an exchange for the cross-chain DATx ecosystem, with technical support from Huobi Cloud. The BitDATx exchange platform will officially open for trading October 18. We welcome the DATx community onboard!

BitDATx is developed as an exchange platform supporting OTC, fiat/crypto, and crypto/crypto trades. BitDATx launches with support for various fiat currencies, online payment systems, and cryptocurrencies including DATX, BTC, ETH, USDT, ETC, LTC, EOS, XRP, and OMG.

The DATx project seeks to establish a transformational DAPP ecosystem through cross-chain interoperability, introducing unprecedented advancements in efficiency and user/developer-friendliness to the blockchain industry. The DATx ecosystem will support assets from other blockchains such as BTC, EOS, and ETH.

Huobi Cloud, with an unbroken track record of security, provides BitDATx technical support. As one of the global leading exchanges, Huobi Cloud provides BitDATx the technical expertise and industry leading resources to guarantee BitDATx the same high calibre security and user-friendliness seen on all Huobi platforms.

BitDATx was launched to provide the DATx community a native exchange platform. A one stop shop for DATx token trades and exchanges between a variety of currencies and payment methods, the community will be able to rapidly access DATx services with ease and peace of mind.

BitDATx will serve to as the bridge welcoming users onto DATx’s next generation cross-chain interoperable platform. With Huobi’s proven expertise in cryptocurrency exchange platform development and DATx’s innovative cross-chain infrastructure, BitDATx will make taking the first step into the world of blockchain interoperability a seamless transition.

Important Statement

DATx has never partnered with any third-party agencies for token sales. Any potential buyer of tokens will go through a strict KYC procedure. The DATx token sale is not open to the People's Republic of China, the United States of America, or any other countries and regions where such activities are prohibited.

09 2018-11
With Integration into BitCloud Platform, DATx Now Accessible Across Multiple Exchanges on One Interface
BitCloud officially announced the integration of DATx onto the BitCloud platform on November 9. DATx will now be available through the BitCloud mobile app wallet for trading on a variety of platforms.
31 2018-10
DATx Progress Report AUG 1 — OCT 31
Highlights: 1. DATx Initiates Cross-Chain Interoperability Upgrade 2. DATx Launches BitDATx with Technical Support from Huobi Cloud 3. DATx Introduces DATxChain Node Types 4. DATx Officially Listed on ZBG, ABCC, and BitForex
30 2018-10
DATx Officially Listed on ZBG Exchange
On Tuesday October 30 at 11:00 (UTC+8), ZBG will open deposits for DATx token. The DATX/ZT trading pair will open for trading at 14:00 (UTC+8).